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Breaking news! From the PAST!

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We're baaaack~

Hello again, Type-Moon fans and Cafe faithfuls! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Oh, don’t all cheer at once!

Last time we met, we discussed Ufotable’s  latest Fate/Stay Night project. It was confirmed that the project would be a serial anime, in the same vein as their highly successful adaptation of Fate/Zero. Speculation and hints suggested that the new anime would be an adaptation of the popular Heaven’s Feel route.

Thanks to a new PV (below) released at Ufotable’s Fate Project presentation, we can confirm that this is, in fact, not the case. The new anime, set to begin in October and split into two cours, will adapt the Unlimited Blade Works route. The route was previously adapted by Ufotable into an animated movie, which led to several scenes being cut and condensed for time – the serial format will allow for much greater depth and a closer adaptation of the source material. Thanks to the extra time, it will also allow me to enjoy Saber to much greater depths!  Hohoho...

But don’t be disappointed, Heaven’s Feel fans! Ufotable have announced that they will be giving the Sakura-centric route the animated movie treatment. This announcement also came with a new PV! It seems likely then that they may give it the full anime adaptation somewhere down the line, much as they have done with Unlimited Blade Works.

Finally, a new iOS/Android game based on the Fate universe has been announced. Fate/Grand Order will apparently cover the battle for the Holy Grail across seven generations, with scenarios written by Type-Moon’s Kinoko Nasu, and art by a broad range of artists. Hopefully they’ll capture my good side! And ho, one last treat for you - this also has a PV! Although it doesn’t show much but Moon-Runes, it does call the project a ‘Fate Online Project Reboot’.

So, with that said: PVs for everyone! ...And yet, no PVs for the long awaited Caster route. How sad...

For all you fans of Fate/Stay Night (and I’d guess there’s a lot of you here!), here’s a little piece of news with big implications!
At the recent Kara No Kyoukai movie premiere, Ufotable producer Kondo Hikaru confirmed that the company is working on a new Fate/Stay Night project.

Ufotable, no strangers to the Fate series, previously produced the Unlimited Blade Works movie, and, of course, the massively popular Fate/Zero anime. While Hikaru didn’t reveal what exactly the new project is, tweets from attendees suggest that an early PV screened at the event points to a Heaven’s Feel adaptation.

A subsequent tweet by Ufotable confirmed the project, apparently suggesting the project is a new anime series, but since the folks here at TMC can't read Japanese, we can't quite confirm.

Still! From the looks of it, there are Big Things ahead for the fans, and with Ufotable at the helm of this project, whatever it is will no doubt be spiffy.
So, are you hyped? Do you hope it really is a Heaven's Feel anime, or would you rather have something else? Let us know in the comments below!

The wait is coming to a close!
Are you guys ready for some more Fate? Or failing that, more Illya? Well, you’re in luck either way, as Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya begins airing this Friday (12 July).

If you’ve missed our previous articles on it, F/KLPI is a spin-off series in which Illya teams up with the Kaleidostick, Magical Ruby, to become a magical girl, and capture Class Cards (which are essentially cards containing various servants).

You can catch the episodes as they release via Crunchyroll’s simulcasts – and, if you want a head-start, you can watch the pre-air for episode 1 right now thanks to the fine folks at Unlimited Translation Works:

[UTW] Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya – 01v0

So, are you excited, or is it too cute for you? Are you gonna wait, or have you caved and watched the pre-air? Let us know in the comments below!

Breaking news! From the PAST!

Presented to you by:


~ Caster of news ~

It’s (Ed: finally) news time again, and this time we’re sliding to the ‘cute’ end of the spectrum!

Fate/Zero Cafe Anime Coming

Official Site: Link

Following the success of Fate/Zero and Fate/Zero themed cafes, a comedy spin-off manga was produced, fusing the concepts for super-cute results. The series focuses on the day to day shenanigans that take place in a cafe managed by Saber and inhabited by the cast of Fate/Zero. It’s almost as if our group got its own anime!

The adaptation will be paired up in double features with the new Kara No Kyoukai movie that begins airing this summer in Japanese theatres.  And on that note...

Kara No Kyoukai – Mirai Fukuin Trailer

Set the spectrum to “spooky” for just a moment, because Ufotable is returning to Kara No Kyoukai to adapt Mirai Fukuin, a side story/epilogue to Kara No Kyoukai. Shiki will face down with precognitives (people with a ‘future sight’, likely allowing them to foretell events) across the years 1996, 1998 and 2008.

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya PVs

...And now back to ‘cute’! Since we last posted about Kadokawa’s F/KLPI adaptation (yes, it is a mouthful!), there’s been a few PVs popping up here and there – we picked a nice long one to feature above, showing a glimpse of Illya’s ‘normal’ life. The anime is set to begin airing in Japan next season.

The manga is currently in its 3rd series, so it’s hard to say what we’ll get from the anime just yet. Don’t be fooled by the cutesy appearance, though – it’s still Fate, so there’ll be plenty of drama and anguish before it’s done.

Prisma Illya Game in Development for Nintendo 3DS

More images at source: Link

Our final bit of Big News for the day comes a bit out of the blue – or the pink, if you prefer. Kadokawa Games announced the development of a 3DS game based on F/KLPI. It makes sense, since they’re also doing the anime. Aha.

The game will see you playing as Illya, and uses elements of card battling games for combat (staying true to the original series) as elemental cards (and from the looks of the screenshots, servant class cards) will provide the basis for your attacks in combat. Beyond that, details are pretty slim – however, it is known that the game will be released in both a standard and limited edition package. No word on a localisation yet – potential importers should be warned that the 3DS is region locked.

...And a Little Bit More News

To finish up, here’s a few smaller bits of news. The publishers of Fate/Extra CCC, Marvellous AQL, are launching Valhalla Knights 3 on the Playstation Vita this week (today, in fact!) in Japan. On June 6, free costumes based on Saber and Caster’s outfits from F/E CCC will be made available to download. Whether these will make it over to Xseed’s North American localisation is yet to be confirmed.

This isn’t the first time, nor is it likely to be the last, that Fate characters have crossed over into other games – recently Fate/Stay Night’s Saber and Archer crossed into Monster Hunter Frontier G. The effect is quite amusing, as the trailer shows. Saber doesn’t seem to realise she should take the sheath off...

Finally, Fate/Extra CCC has enjoyed strong sales in Japan since its launch, selling over 110,000 copies - more than doubling sales of the original game. Above is a trailer showing one of the new pairs participating in the Grail War – a mysterious (and occasionally delusional) nun, Kiara, and her servant, Andersen.

Though a localisation has yet to be announced, there are plenty of Western fans hoping to see it make the jump from the East. One such fan has made a petition to show support for a localisation, and though it’s no guarantee it’ll happen, it can’t hurt to sign the dotted line here.

It’s that time again – time for some news!  We’ll start out with the big one - the upcoming English dub of Fate/Zero!

The Upcoming English dub of Fate/Zero

Trailer here:

Set to be premiered on Neon Alley (, the dub features an all star cast including the likes of:

:bulletblue: Crispin Freeman (Kotomine Kirei)
:bulletblue: Kari Wahlgren (Saber)
:bulletblue: Johnny Yong Bosch (Uryuu Ryunosuke)
:bulletblue: and more – the full list can be seen at the end of the trailer above.

Do note that Neon Alley doesn’t seem to be available outside of America and Canada yet. However, this is good news for the dub fans out there, and it’s always nice to see more of Type-Moon’s work make it out into the West!

Fate/Extra CCC Opening Video

And now another video! This time it’s the Fate/Extra CCC opening video animated by SHAFT Studio. We’re a little late to the punch, but some of you might not have seen this yet. From the looks of it, it’s going to be rather bizarre and will feature more than a little bare-chested fun.

If you didn’t already know, Fate/Extra CCC is the follow up to Fate/Extra, and features the original three servants plus Gilgamesh as playable choices. The story focuses more closely on Sakura this time around, which is why she’s so prominent in the opening there. Hopefully like the first game this one will see a release outside of Japan, but for now you’ll just have to enjoy the opening.

TYPE-MOON France Fanbook

Now for a bit of community news! The folks over at TYPE-MOON France are working on a fan book to be printed and sold at various conventions following the success of their previous calendar project. There’s no specific theme, and the book will cover all of Type-Moon’s series, from Tsukihime to Fate and anything in between.

If you have questions or you’d like to contribute, you can find out more by emailing yokathaking(@)typemoon(.)fr .
The deadline for illustrations is April 10th, which gives you just about two months to get in on the fun.

That about wraps it up for this installment, so do keep on chugging out there and we’ll be back with more when we hear it.

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