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Submitted on
June 11, 2012


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Welcome to the first batch of features from the contest's Judge Week.

Brought to you by the OHHCWAPP:

~ Official Holy Coffee Cup War Appreciation Persons ~



Note that this post is not showing the judging results, but commentary on the contest's entries. The final results shall be revealed at the end of this week on Sunday, 17th June 2012.

Today's featured contestants:


1. :iconamamik:amamik
A cup of coffee

A cup of coffee by amamik

:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:Ahh, yes. A fine entry to open with, such a pleasant scene. Though I must admit, I have never seen Kariya smiling...It must be quite the enthralling and heart touching story.
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Oho, yes! A very pleasant scene indeed! Bedtime stories as read by Berserker, ah yes! I can imagine it now. It would be very loud. Mind you, I cannot endorse coffee before bedtime. Children need their sleep!

2. :iconangedecristal:AngedeCristal
+ Fate + Amethyst +
"This drawing is special, let me explain why..."

+ Fate + Amethyst + by AngedeCristal

:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Ah, so colourful! So bright! There's such romance in this scene...yes, there is a clear love for coffee here! With all the pink, the flowers and the hearts, that adorable cup...
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:Don't forget the tentacle monster.
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Yes, and the tentacle mon- wait, what?!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:You don't have tentacle monsters? You must be a very bad Caster.

3. :iconathyra:Athyra
FZ - The Three Kings' Banquet...of Coffee
"AUO: ...By the way, what's with the instant coffee? You dare to serve ore-sama instant coffee?"

FZ - The Three Kings' Banquet...of Coffee by Athyra

:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Trust the English to know how to drink coffee! Their naturally outstanding tea-drinking skills must transfer to other hot beverages too. Way to go Saber!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:And trust Gilgamesh to take his in a wine glass. I'm almost certain that's all I ever wash up these days.
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Of course, in a contest to decide the greatest animal, Gilgamesh would never accept Iskander's perspective! Those heavenly bulls of his would surely bring back bad memories...
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz: ...Those are oxen.

4. :iconazakurashi:Azakurashi

COFFEE CUP WAR CONTEST - Spilling Coffee by Azakurashi

:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:This piece is only a WIP, but it's already quite promising. If we could just start another war...the casualties would no doubt double, but that's a price worth paying to see a finished product.
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Look at the determination on Saber's face! Of course, her tea carrying skill is exceptional, so even if she trips it won't spill!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:It's already spilling, isn't it? Arcueid certainly seems to think so. Yes, I recognise the evil in that gaze...
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz: *looks at you* It is quite familiar...Brr.

5. :icondarksteellycaon:darksteelLycaon
Caren Ortensia

Caren Ortensia by darksteelLycaon

:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Oh? Caren without her wallet - a strange sight indeed! That smile suggests there's more on her mind than just the coffee. It reminds me of a certain someone, hoho!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:In the battle between coffee and money, there is no winner.
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Yes...but when they come together, a devilish power is formed. They call it...STARBUCKS! Truly, a fearsome enemy!

6. :icondmy-gfx:dmy-gfx
Fate Zero - Coffee Break
"It's Saber! It's Kiritsugu! And hey, COFFEE CUPS! "

Fate Zero - Coffee Break by dmy-gfx

:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Ah, yes! Glorious Saber! Oh my, she looks so comfortable in that relaxed, so classy, and as always - ever prepared!  Just look at that sword!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:If I were drinking coffee with Emiya Kiritsugu, I would bring a weapon too.
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Tch, don't be like that! Just look how romantic this scene is...ah, the coffee, and the rose... They are a beautiful pair! Yes! I endorse this couple!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz: ...You've never met this man, have you?

7. :iconelfenlink:ElfenLink
Type Moon Cafe's Best Waitress
"It's the lovely Saber working at Type Moon Cafe..."

Type Moon Cafe's Best Waitress by ElfenLink

:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:I do not recognise this woman.
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Ah yes, that's Hilda! Hoho, she's an OC. She loves coffee, so she's as welcome at the Type-Moon Cafe as me or you!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:Weren't you barred from the cafe for inappropriate conduct towards this very maid?
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:...O-of course not! Pffft! Why would you t-think that?!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:You still have the apron.
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:HEY! It's a really nice apron!

8. :iconpanickerz:Panickerz
"Coffee helps."

Coffee by Panickerz

:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:Look at this man. Emiya Kiritsugu...always plotting, scheming and manipulating...truly a mastermind of the grim battlefield of life. Nothing to lose, nothing to aim for... Even his coffee is carefully calculated and black as his heart...
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Oh! Look! I bet one of those windows on the laptop screen is a chat with Saber! And those documents must be love letters...Ah, he's such a romantic hero!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:He does have a Steam chat open. Wait a moment. Is that a document about clocks?  And an email to Brian from John? He must be using aliases...!
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Oh and look, those are your old command seals! ...Wait, how do you know what Steam is?

9. :iconfirstfarewell:firstfarewell
fateZero: Coffee break
"And they're sitting on a ...log."

fateZero: Coffee break by firstfarewell

:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Oh, how cute! Saber is so tiny, hoho! I could just pick her up and squeeze her...!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:They're all quite small. Berserker and Assassin will have trouble drinking that coffee, though. And, as always, Gilgamesh is showing off the versatility of his immense and surprising treasury.
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Of course. Those Gates of Babylon are certainly something...Last time he showed it to me, it hurt.
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz: Ah yes, the cutlery and knives section?
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:...Let's go with that.

10. :iconfutatsunokaanjitsu:FutatsunoKaanjitsu

Coffee~ by FutatsunoKaanjitsu

:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Aha, see? Even among the Type-Moon protagonists, Saber is clearly the greatest! She has the coffee, therefore she is queen!
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:That too! Why, she could lead these ladies to world domination, I'm sure of it!

11. :iconfuyuko7:Fuyuko7
At the Fair
"Rider: Boy, we mustn't fall behind! We'll be riding that next!"

At the Fair by Fuyuko7

:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:Our final piece for today, I see.
:iconnewscaster::iconsaysplz:Yes, and such a great way to show the skills of our favourite servant! Hoho, her riding skill even allows her to take coffee while indulging in high speed action with Irisviel here!
:iconkotomine-kirei::iconsaysplz:It is quite an impressive display of skill...Of course, I always eat curry when I go on rides. Gilgamesh always takes wine.

And that is it for this first batch of features from the contest! Thank you again to all contestants!

The second batch will be out this coming Wednesday. Don't miss it!
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whoaa.. i just saw this
This journal is epic..

must take a lot of time to think and make this
Delitescentrix Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love your journals :'D
Epicness :meow:
UnknownToDeathNorLif Jun 11, 2012   Traditional Artist
I enjoyed this!
finex666 Jun 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
nekomukuro Jun 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahahah, this idea you had is amazing :'D
I love their comments lol
Southern-Panda Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, haha, though it does indeed produce one really long journal entry. XD
AngedeCristal Jun 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
... Seriously, sometime, I'm wondering WHY I drew this tentacle monster... I'm crazy... I think... :XD:

I love the "reaction" of Caster xD
Southern-Panda Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it made sense in my opinion. It's what the guy kept spamming out, and they even featured one in Uryruu's Fate/Zero cafe birthday card. :D
AngedeCristal Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh really ? I didn't kwew about the card :XD: (No time to follow news and other stuff T.T)
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